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Research at CLMS

CLMS studies offer a detailed description of a comprehensive concept of a special Russian labour market model, which in many ways differs from the standard model described in labour economics textbooks. According to this concept, a specific feature of the Russian model is that the labour market adjusts to shocks of various nature not only by means of change in employment and unemployment (quality adjustment), but also by change in wages (price adjustment) and length of labour (time adjustment).

The Centre’s researchers have published four monographs based on their research, which are dedicated to the specifics of the Russian labour market development. They include In the Shadow of Regulation: Informality on the Russian Labour Market; HSE Publishing House, 2014; Russian Employee: Education, Profession, Qualification, HSE Publishing House, 2011; Salary in Russia: Evolution and Differentiation, HSE Publishing House, 2007; and Non-standard Employment in the Russian Economy, HSE Publishing House, 2006 (all in Russian). A monograph by Rostislav Kapelyushnikov, Deputy Director of CLMS, Russian Labour Market: Adaptation without Restructuring, HSE Publishing House, 2001 (in Russian), resulted in considerable debate among researchers and professional economists.

Today, CLMS researchers focus on the problems of mobility on the Russian labour market.

The academic achievements of the Centre for Labour Market Studies have been distinguished by three Golden HSE awards, as well as medals and diplomas from various academic associations.

  • Golden HSE 2001, Achievement in Research category, awarded to R. Kapelyushnikov for his book Russian Labour Market: Adaptation without Restructuring, HSE Publishing House, 2001;
  • Non-standard Employment in the Russian Economy, HSE Publishing House, 2006, was one of the 2006 winners of the Golden HSE in the Achievement in Research category;
  • Golden HSE 2011, Contribution to the Development of HSE category, awarded to V. Gimpelson, R. Kapelyushnikov, and N. Vishnevskaya;
  • R. Kapelyushnikov was awarded a medal from the Independent Economic Analysis Centres Association ‘For Achievement in Applied Analysis’ in 2012;
  • V. Gimelson, A. Lukianova, and R. Kapelyushnikov were awarded a diploma from the National Award in Applied Economics, 2012, for a series of studies on the Russian labour market;
  • V. Gimpelson and R. Kapelyushnikov were winners of the Yegor Gaidar Award ‘For Outstanding Contribution to Economics’, 2012;
  • R. Kapelyushnikov was awarded a diploma from the National Award in Applied Economics, 2014, for his paper ‘How much does human capital in Russia cost?’
  • V. Gimpelson was awarded a Golden HSE award 2015, Achievement in Research category

CLMS regularly prepares analytical reviews based on academic research for Russia’s government agencies, special committees of the State Duma, and the Federal State Statistics Service.

In recent years, CLMS has been actively involved in applied research commissioned by government agencies. Researchers have carried out large-scale projects such as ‘Key trends on the Russian labour market and mid-term prospects for development’; they have also in a project entitled ‘Analysis of possible consequences of change in methods to calculate minimal and average wages in the Russian regions’. These projects included analysis and recommendations on the most topical problems of the Russian labour market. CLMS staff also played an active role in developing the 2020 Strategy.

Collaboration with leading international researchers on the problems of the labour market in transitional economies has always been part of CLMS’s work.

In 2012, CLMS researchers, together with colleagues from IZA, held a conference entitled ‘IZA/Higher School of Economics Workshop: Labor Market Adjustment in the Commonwealth of Independent States, Central Asia and China in the Wake of the Great Recession’.

CLMS has taken part in competitions and won grants for research from international funds and institutions. The following projects have resulted from such cooperation:

  • ‘Employment and unemployment in transition economies: measurement and conclusions for policy on the labour market’, a joint project by researchers from four countries funded by a grant from University Research Corporation International, USA, 2002;
  • ‘Labour market in regions of the Southern Federal District: status and key trends (1992-2004)’, World Bank, 2005;
  • ‘Economic and social consequences of restructuring the Russian and Ukrainian economies’, ESCIRRU, Contract No. 013433, funded by the Commission of the European Communities, 2006-2008;
  • ‘Labor Market Informality in Russia: An Economic-Sociological Perspective’, funded by a grant from John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, 2009-2010.



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